Project 7e2

Project 7e2

Dear Reader,

You’ve come to the right place. This is the album you need to check out.

“Project 7e2”, a full-length 13-track compilation album, released on the 8th of December, 2018, represents a journey through the year and the events involved in a musical form. In addition to tracks already released as singles (here in the same order as they were created), there’s also a brand new track called “Sparks” included that will not be released separately, at least for the time being.

Check Bandcamp for the online release: You can also enter a poll on the Facebook page if you’d like to order the music on a CD (if enough people were interested, a CD release might also happen some day). You should also check the Facebook page for potential free album codes.

You can listen to the album in its entirety a few times for free. But if you like what you hear, I would of course be really happy if you actually purchased the album to be able to download it in your format of choice and to add it to your Bandcamp collection. Any money I got from the purchases would help me continue making this music, developing it further and reaching for the right audience.

Update 8.2.2019: The album is also available at Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube Music, Tidal and Amazon (see below).

Thank you for checking this site, trying the music and reading this post! Feel free to add your own comments, to follow Sheobi on Facebook or Twitter or to spread the word and share links to Sheobi and “Project 7e2” in different online services. Your actions matter a lot, as not so many people actually know anything about this music yet!

You can also find more information about Sheobi on this site at More music is available via both the Music and Albums pages, as well as on Bandcamp and several other online services (listed below).

Best Regards,

Lauri Movall (Sheobi)


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Author: Lauri Movall

Lauri Movall is the founder of the Sheobi music project and the developer of Whisper Virtual Studio. In addition to music production and tool development he's also doing 3D modeling on the side of his current main job as a business coordinator, striving to reboot his previously quite technical ICT-centric career into a more humanistic and creative direction.

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