Sheobi’s links

Link Explanation
Native Instruments Creators of Reaktor, Battery, and much else.
Applied Acoustics Creators of a suite of modeled virtual instruments like strings, woodwinds, and analog synthesizers.
Arturia Creators of different virtual synthesizers, of which many are replicating well-known electronic instruments.
PowerFX Creators of Sweet Ann, the virtual vocalist, and other tools.
Pianoteq Pianoteq modeled pianos.
VOCALOID The technology (by Yamaha) that powers Sweet Ann, the virtual vocalist (for instance).
SimulAnalog A research project that created a free set of virtual guitar effects and amps.

Some musicians from around the world (in no specific order)

Artist(s) Origin Site Explanation

Suzanne Vega
United States Official site A singer/songwriter I appreciate a lot. It’s certainly worthwhile to listen to all her production, and not just the few
hit songs… Especially if you are of the more introvert and “observing” type of person, and pay attention to lyrics.

Ed Starink
The Netherlands The official (but unsponsored) fan page. My favourite synthesizer musician (not just that, though), with classical background. Usually best known for his (“cover”) synthesizer music compilations, but is actually even more notable for his own compositions.
Frequency Drift Germany Official site Progressive rock band Frequency Drift create their own brand of Cinematic Music.

Japan Official site A brilliant Japanese artist often best known for creating the music for the Silk Road documentary series.

Pekka Pohjola
Finland Official site A great (but now unfortunately deceased) composer and a very talented bassist; one of my favourites. Has also performed on stage with Mike Oldfield.

Finland Official site An original rock band with over 25 years of history and tradition. Probably more popular elsewhere than in its home

Tangerine Dream
Germany/Austria/The Netherlands/… Official site A very influential and original band with a very long history and many different line-ups. Mostly doing instrumental music only, but some of the few vocal productions are also very interesting.

Jeremy Soule
United States Official site A composer and symphonist who is known for some great video game scores. Actually my all-time favourite video game composer at this point.

Adult Cinema
United Kingdom Official site A much more recent discovery than most others on this list. The (mostly one man) rock band of Mike Weston: a very talented musician (singer, songwriter, craftsman, multi-instrumentalist) who is still just catching wider attention, but is likely to lead a very special career in the field of music.
Brainvoyager The Netherlands Official site Brainvoyager is the artist name of Dutch Jos Verboven who, in addition to creating cosmic and ambient electronic music, also hosts a radio show called Electronic Fusion that airs on a few different radio channels.

Some radio channels etc. from around the world (again in no specific order)

Channel Country Site Explanation
modul303 Germany A German radio channel specializing for electronic music.
Radio Dark Tunnel Germany A German radio channel for dark tunes (many different genres).
West Star Network United Kingdom A UK-based supporter of signed and unsigned bands from around the world, helping them to promote themselves and their music. Includes the West Star Radio channel.
Electronic Music Radio Venezuela A South American radio channel specializing in electronic music.

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