At the moment you can only purchase Sheobi’s music as digital music downloads, as there are no compact discs, cassettes, vinyl records or other official physical media available. Nor is there a way to shop any merchandise either. This might change in the future provided that there’s enough interest, and it might for instance become possible to purchase posters / art prints of the artwork associated with the music as well. Check this site or follow Sheobi on Facebook for updates.

You can buy Sheobi’s music in several different online stores, but Bandcamp is the best way to support the artist monetarily. Sheobi is an independent artist and does not receive any payments from record companies or the like. So your direct purchases are a very important way to support making more music. It’s good to note that while purchases (and streams) from online stores might not even be visible to Sheobi before about three (3) months of time after you pay and download your tracks or albums, Bandcamp purchases will provide the artist with a larger part of the money and the information of your purchase will be available much sooner (usually in a couple of days)!

You can find links to the stores at the bottom of this page, but if you really want to show that you like the music and help Sheobi create more of it, it’s recommended to go to the Bandcamp site at and to purchase the music you want using your Bandcamp account so that you can also leave your mark of support and comments on the site itself and that way encourage others to find the music and maybe to pay for it as well.

Sheobi in different online services: