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You can send email to Sheobi (Lauri Movall) using the mailbox “sheobi“. Just add the “@” sign and “” (please pay attention to that the domain identifier is NOT .com but .org in that case!), and you have the full email address. Social media contact information is available below. You can also send us email related to the site itself (and your own information from using the site) at webmaster (at) sheobimusic . org.

Note that the same mailbox is currently also being used for emails related to Stellar Maggots (another music project of Lauri Movall, concentrating more on quirkier, “punkier” or more experimental songs, including AI-generated music).

You can also join Sheobi’s mailing list by filling your contact information (name and email address) in the “Join Sheobi’s Mailing List” form in the lower right hand corner of the site layout. Note that this means subscribing to the website and receiving emails about new posts added on the site. Check the Privacy page at for more details about storing your information.

To join our Sheobi mailing list and to subscribe to updates on the website, check the page at Registration Form ‹ Sheobi — WordPress ( Registration also enables you to comment posts on the site, but please note that all registrations are approved manually by the website admin, so it might take some time before you get your approval (and sometimes access might even be denied).

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