Traces album (October 10th, 2020)


Sheobi’s ninth (9th) full length album called “Traces” was released on 10/10/2020 (October 10th).

Most of the music on this 13-track album was conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic (that is, after March 2020) and it explores related themes, but it also contains five older pieces. All the tracks were (re)mastered for the album.

The Traces album is available in the following online music services:

  1. Bandcamp (
  2. Spotify (
  3. YouTube Music (
  4. Apple Music (partial release,
  5. TIDAL (
  6. Deezer (
  7. Amazon Music (
Sheobi in different online services:

Author: Lauri Movall

Lauri Movall is the composer / producer behind the Sheobi music project and the developer of the Whisper Virtual Studio application.

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