June 24th

Hi everyone,

I had planned to release a very long album called “All This Time” probably somewhere in the July-September timeframe this year, but there has been a change of plans. Instead, a new full length album with seven tracks and over 40 minutes of music in total will be released on June 24th (if all goes well).

The new album is to be called “Seven Thousand Suns” just like its already released title track, and it will be available in several online music services. Whereas four of the tracks are versions of already released ones, three of the four tracks included (about 15 minutes, or 37%) will not be released separately as singles before the full album release.

It’s still possible that another album called “All This Time” is released later – perhaps this year, but it will likely contain a lot less new music, but instead be more strictly just sort a “best of” compilation of older works (albeit in a somewhat remixed or remastered form).


Sheobi (Lauri M.)

Sheobi in different online services:

Author: Lauri Movall

Lauri Movall is the composer / producer behind the Sheobi music project and the developer of the Whisper Virtual Studio application.

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