Unspecified upcoming album

Not much more can be said about this yet.

Broken Colours (2019)

A 10-track album consisting of both old and new tracks (the parts included have been created between 1995 and 2019). Possibly work-in-progress (could still be updated over time).

Project 7e2 (2018)

A full 13-track compilation album for the year 2018, also containing a new track called “Sparks” not available elsewhere.

Whisper Moods, Volume 01 (2017)

This is a short album comprised primarily of such tracks that have been used as some kind of demos on the Whisper Virtual Studio website between the years 2008 and 2016. More information available in Bandcamp.

Arcturus (2017)

This is an EP containing sort of a sci-fi story told using tracks that were created using Whisper Virtual Studio between 2010 and 2017. Some updates were made and a new track was added in 2019, and a full “Arcturus II” version of the album might be available later on.

Summer’s End (2008)

The work on this full-length album was already started in 2005, and the entire album can basically still be considered a draft.

That said, the album has in fact been released in its current, unfinished format in several different online channels, and is thus available for listening (and even purchasing for download).

XP-1: Airframe / Rainbow Soul EP (2001)

This is an “EP” that I created using another pseudonym “XP-1”, as it felt somehow more experimental and not enough like Sheobi-music at the time. Maybe I’d still consider it “Sheobi-style” now, though. I did the tracks in 2001, and one of them (“Rainbow Soul”) is completely created using only Buzz generators and effects (so it’s an experiment on using virtual synths, too, but from the “Buzz only” period).

Note that the last track (“A Crude Escape”) has silence in the beginning, for it was meant to be kind of a “hidden track”.

Older music (from the 1990’s)

Some older, personally important, but in certain ways more limited albums are also available at Bandcamp:

Sheobi in different online services: