Electronic Fusion #175

Thanks to Brainvoyager a.k.a. Jos Verboven, Sheobi will be featured in episode #175 of “Electronic Fusion”, a radio show that premiers today on Saturday the 12th of January, 2019 on German radio channel modul303. You can find the links to both Brainvoyager’s own website and the websites of the associated radio channels / networks below.

“Electronic Fusion” episode #175 airing for the first time on the 12th of January, 2019.


Sheobi in different online services:

Author: Lauri Movall

Lauri Movall is the founder of the Sheobi music project and the developer of Whisper Virtual Studio. In addition to music production and tool development he's also doing 3D modeling on the side of his current main job as a business coordinator, striving to reboot his previously quite technical ICT-centric career into a more humanistic and creative direction.

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