Halo 3′ 30″

This single marks a return to my demoscene times in a sense, as the track was first submitted as an entry in the listening music competition at the Assembly 2019 Summer demoparty. Times have changed and these events are focused more on LAN gaming and eSports now than before, but the spirit of the demoscene still lives on alongside.

“Halo 3′ 30″” was never played to the audience nor released for voting by Assembly, so I decided to release it myself on August 3rd (it was submitted on August 1st and the music competition screening was on August 2nd).

The released version is exactly the same as was submitted in the competition, but new (potentially improved) versions might replace it or be added later on.

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Author: Lauri Movall

Lauri Movall is the composer / producer behind the Sheobi music project and the developer of the Whisper Virtual Studio application.

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