Whisper Virtual Studio (or just Whisper for short) is a lightweight sequencer based on VST instrument and effect support. So it’s basically a VST host application with music writing capabilities, or alternatively a programmable “music box” for using different plugins. While minimalistic and specialized, almost all the latest music released by Sheobi has been created using Whisper, and it’s continuously updated based on active needs.

Whisper has its own (somewhat outdated) website at www.sheobimusic.com/whisper, but the software downloads are hosted here on the main Sheobimusic site since November 2018. See the abovementioned Whisper website for more information on how you can request download access.

There’s also an official Whisper Facebook page available at https://www.facebook.com/whispervst, plus a Twitter account at https://twitter.com/WhisperVST.

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