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Site facelift

Theme replacement plus quite a lot of changes to the pages available and their contents.


Changes in site layout and contents

Some pages have been removed, content has been edited and combined, and the old Music page has been replaced by a new version which does no longer contain all previously listed tracks. Nor is there an intention to list all later music additions or removals either here in the site timeline.


New music

“Human Error” was added on the Music page.


New website

The material from the old DIY website was transformed into a WordPress-based version.


New music

“Arcturus” was added on the Music page.


Facebook info

Links and embeds related to the new Sheobimusic Facebook page were added.


New music

“Sheobimotion” was added on the Music page.


Move to Bandcamp

Most of the remaining music on the site was moved to Bandcamp for better streaming and the ability to stream, buy and download tracks in several different formats.


New music

“Dawn of Time” was added on the Music page.


Updated music

“Electronic Getaway” was updated to a new version on the Music page.


New music added

“Electronic Getaway” was added on the Music page.


New music added

“Broken” was added on the Music page.


A “new milestone”

Not much happened on 4.10.2016 itself, but after some smaller changes in between I decided to add a new timeline item just to make it more visible that at least the site is still actually being maintained.


Naming changes

“Belt of Orion” was renamed to “Variations“.

Sheobimusic now also has its own YouTube-channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGHghAhkgCwWtKRwJcLasKA.


New music added

“Belt of Orion” was added on the Music page.


New music added

A new track called “#13” finished on the same day was added on the Music page.


Music added

Another old track called “Armageddon” (from 1996) was added on the Music page.


Music added

The old piece “White Dust” from 1995 and its two remakes (from 1997 and 2015) were added on the Music page.


Music added

The old piece “Zero-Gravity” from 1995 and its remake from 2015 were added on the Music page.


Music added

The old pieces “Visions” and “Visions III – The Howl” (from 1995) were added on the Music page together with a “20-year anniversary edition” of the latter.


Original versions

The original versions of “Mirage”, “Light Still Shines on Me” and “The River of Time” (tracker music from the 1990’s) were added to the Music page on the website.


Tweet buttons added

Tweet buttons were added to the Music page on the website. Feel free to share using these if you like any of the music included.


New track added

“Natasha Trace” was added in the music section.


Music samples updated

The music samples on the pages were recoded in OGG containers using Vorbis. This was done to improve the compatibility with different systems and browsers.


Format updates and editing

Some limited “cleaning” (removal of unnecessary text) and modernisation (some HTML5 features added).

The main “Home” page now also automatically plays music in the background. Please use the information on the Contact page in case this is a problem for you.


Some cleaning done

Some of the pages have been “cleaned” somewhat to reduce extra text and make the tables look better.


The “blog” becomes a timeline

As this page never even really had an actual blog to begin with, it’s now, over five years from its original creation date, more logically named (site) timeline.

The appearance of the
navigation pane to the left has also otherwise been updated a bit.


New Music

“Maja’s Song” (from 2012) was added on the Music page.


Music File Update

Most of the main music files was updated to tagged AAC/MPEG4 Audio format (some of the more recent tracks were also otherwise updated in the process).


New Music

“Light Still Shines On Me” was added on the Music page.


Content Update

Also parts of the site’s content (mostly text) was updated.


New Layout

The site has got a visual remake, with the overall style having been updated from a 1990’s “retro” style to a more modern one (as I think the music deserves it).


New music added

A remake of another older track called “The River Of Time” was added to the music section.


New music added

A remake of an older track called “Mirage” was added to the music section. “A Long Journey” had already been added somewhat earlier.


New music added

A track called “A Moment Of Peace” was added to the music section, and the older “Music” page was renamed to “Albums”.


The style of the webpages

You have probably noticed that the style of these webpages is quite much like if they were from the 1990’s. That is partly because I want to keep them very simple, both technically and visually, so that the styling doesn’t overshadow the actual content too much, and also because some of the music (and much of my original inspiration for starting to make music) actually comes from the 1990’s, so the style kind of fits it very well :-)Hopefully the “old school” style and layout still doesn’t make the pages look too ugly… After all, it’s a just matter of taste anyway.

10.01.2009 23:25

And a Happy New Year!

It’s a new year now. After all, I’m still actually happy to be back at work, while I’d certainly like to have more spare time for both being with my family and concentrating on my own projects, which I want to start more actively taking forward.

24.12.2008 12:40

Merry Christmas!

I realized that I had been using much too much time and energy setting up a website, instead of taking it slow and thinking about things first. Maybe the hectic atmosphere at work just found it way to my spare time as well, and that’s not good. It’s Christmas Eve today, and time to take it easy and have time with your families and friends. Not a time for blogging. Merry Christmas to everyone who might read this! 🙂

22.12.2008 17:30

The blog becomes a “blog”

I decided to rename the blog to a “blog”, because I don’t even know how long it will exist, and if I will start writing a real blog or not. Well, and I don’t even like the word itself. It’s too trendy to blog (or has been).

22.12.2008 09:00

Checking the site

I re-checked the site after sleeping for one night, and it still seemed relatively ok. I had to change some things, though, but fortunately everything didn’t seem as bad as it could have been, having written most of it quite hastily and not even reading everything through afterwards.

21.12.2008 22:45

Website created

Sheobi in different online services: